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A manufactured home is a single-family house constructed entirely in a controlled factory environment and built to the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (better known as the HUD Code). In Canada they are built to the Canadian Standards Association's Mobile Home Series of Standards (CSA Certified). Single-wide starter manufactured homes are basic residential structures that consist of one unit, 8 to 18 feet wide, up to 80 feet long, built and towed to the site.

Distinguishing characteristics of the starter homes are:

  • Typically constructed with 2"X3" studs that are 24" on center
  • Heating system has a single duct down the middle of the home and does not extend to the perimeter of the home
  • Thin interior wall and doors that are generally 3" thick
  • Instead of tape on the walls and ceilings, there is a very basic chair rail and crown molding throughout to cover the wall seams
  • The sinks and faucets are generally plastic or other lightweight material
  • Toilets and sinks share one master shut-off valve for the entire home

These units are delivered complete with little to do before they can be inhabited. The homes simply need to be set on piers or a basement and have the water, sewer, and electrical connected. Additional services are often done when the home is first set, such as installing skirting, connecting the air conditioner, and removing the hitch. If more than one story, a crane is used to stack one unit on top of the other.

They are built on steel undercarriages with necessary wheel assemblies for transporting to permanent or semi-permanent sites. The wheel assembly and hitch can be removed once the home has been set. The steel undercarriage, however, will remain intact since it is incorporated into the framing of the home. A red, permanently attached, HUD label (CSA label in Canada) must be attached to each transportable section of the home. The label is found on what would be considered the rear exterior of the home when in transit.

Example HUD label:

Example CSA label:

Note: Setup, delivery, and installation fees are not included in the costs. They must be added using the appropriate Setup Fees material selection under Exterior, Features.

Mobile Manufactured Housing is not:

  • Site built homes: Site built homes are built entirely "on site" using traditional building techniques.
  • Modular homes: A modular home is a factory-built in very large sections (sometimes 2 sections) and transported to the site and installed.
  • Panelized homes: Panelized homes are built in large sections and delivered to the site to be assembled and installed. These sections include entire walls with siding, windows, doors, & wiring.
  • Pre-cut homes: Pre-cut homes are made in the factory where materials are cut to specific sizes and follow design specifications. The materials are delivered to the site where they are assembled and installed.
  • Mobile homes: Mobile homes are factory-built homes manufactured prior to June 15, 1976 when HUD code went into effect.
  • Trailer coaches: Trailer coaches originated in the 1920’s and were intended for vacationing and camping.

Mobile Manufactured Home with a crawlspace:

To define a crawlspace with a mobile manufactured home, select the Post and Pier Foundation. If the crawlspace is enclosed, also add the appropriate skirting/foundation material.


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